Get Involved
in the 2020 Election

We are getting closer and closer to the November 2020 election, which is arguably the most important election in our lifetime. There is so much at stake, not to mention that the election will take place during a global pandemic, and it can be overwhelming to figure out how to get involved. The resources in this guide span both the presidential election, as well as down ballot races. Please use this guide to get involved in organizing and voter registration - every day, and every vote, counts!

Thanks to the amazing Alyssa Block for putting this together!


Help elect Dems in swing races up and down the ballot: Enter your zip code here to find opportunities.

The Election Protection Coalition will help you find info on registration deadlines, voting, and ID requirements.

Become a poll worker, staff voter hotlines, or do electoral outreach. Learn more and then sign up.

Pick a battleground state and turn it blue! Register voters, phone bank, and more! (created by Vote Save America)

Donate to or volunteer with Spread the Vote to ensure every voter can vote this November.

Texting Opportunities

Texting is an incredibly easy way to get involved. Platforms make it super easy to send out hundreds of texts per minute, and you can do it while watching TV!

Have a particular candidate or state you'd like to send texts for? Check out this comprehensive guide!

Sign up, then join the Slack group to access multiple opportunities each day to help Dems across the country.

Sign up, then join the “#text-new-texters” Slack channel to get involved in texting campaigns.

Starting Sept 1, check the page to sign up for texting opportunities to mobilize young and swing voters.

Feeling overwhelmed? Learn about all things text banking with this great resource from Swing Left Boston!

Phone Banking

Phone banking can be intimidating, but is a proven way to reach voters. Don't worry: your phone number will be hidden, and there is a script to guide you.

Vote Save America’s program makes it fun and easy to make calls to voters in a swing state of your choice.

Sign up to make sure supporters in swing states have a plan and a means to vote in November.

Help flip both chambers of the PA state legislature blue by joining in on any weekend from now until the election!

Does flipping PA speak to you? Check out the many opportunities NextGen Pennsylvania have put together.

Postcard Writing

Write personalized messages to voters AND purchasing the stamps needed to mail them helps to support the USPS! (Postcard stamps are 35 cents each.)

Send personalized notes to voters across the country to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

COMPLETE. All 15.7 million postcards are claimed. But donate to the cause to help pay for postage.

Write to young people in critical swing states to increase turnout in November. Brought to you by Sunrise Movement.

Want to support the midwest? Write postcards to voters in Illinois and Michigan with Indivisible Chicago.

Support the charge to turn the Pennsylvania state legislature blue.

Voter Registration

Voter suppression around the country is a huge issue. Help ensure people are registered, know where and how to vote, and are able to do so on-time and safely.

Focuses primarily on ensuring that communities of color, historically disenfranchised, can vote.

Michelle Obama’s voter organization to get people registered to vote.

Get Involved in Senate Races

Winning back the Senate is another crucial step towards enacting the progressive policies that we need.

This fund is the best place to donate to help fund swing races in the Senate across the country. Or pick a race below:

Doug Jones is facing a tough re-election race in Alabama against a former football coach. Keep Alabama blue!

Mitch McConnell’s seat is not considered a swing seat, but wouldn’t it be extra sweet if we could defeat him anyways?

Help on Election Day

250,000 poll workers are still needed for election day to ensure anyone who wants to vote can. Bonus: you can get paid!

Donate money to help feed those who are stuck in long lines waiting to vote.

And remember to call 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683) if you have any voting issues.

Help ensure voters in Arizona can cast their vote and do so safely.


Getting involved is great, but it means nothing if you don't vote on (or before) November 3rd.

Not sure whether you're registered or just want to double check (great idea!)?

Learn how to safely vote early in your state with our early voting resources.

Vote Early!

Voting early is a great way to avoid crowds, not burden the USPS, and get your vote in ahead of Election Day!

Find info about whether your state allows you to vote by mail, has same-day voter registration, allows you to vote in person before Election Day, and how you can track your ballot if you vote absentee.

Will you vote by mail, early in person, or on Election Day? I Will Vote will help provide the info you need!

BONUS: Locate drop boxes to deposit your ballot. Many counties have secure locations to drop off your ballot if you are concerned about your absentee ballot not arriving on time, and/or ensuring your ballot is turned in safely.
To find drop boxes in your community, Google search: “[your county] voter drop boxes.”
Here is a sample location search for Georgia Democrats.